Da-you Zhai

Yunnan Key Laboratory for Palaeobiology

Yunnan University, Kunming, Yunnan, CHINA 650091

telephone:+86 (871) 6503-2378

email: dyzhai@ynu.edu.cn




2011: PhD, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Major: Quaternary Geology.

2005: BSc, Peking University, China. Major: Life Sciences.

Employment Experience

07/2015–Present: Associate Professor, Yunnan Key Laboratory for Palaeobiology, Yunnan University.

01/2014–06/2015: Associate Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

01/2011–12/2013: Post-doctoral Researcher, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Representative Publications (* indicates corresponding author)

· Zhai DY, Williams M, Siveter David J, Harvey THP, Sansom RS, Gabbott SE, Siveter Derek J, Ma XY, Zhou RQ, Liu Y*, Hou XG*, 2019. Variation in appendages in early Cambrian bradoriids reveals a wide range of body plans in stem-euarthropods. Communications Biology 2, 329.

· Zhai, D., G. Edgecombe, A. Bond, M. Huijuan, X. Hou & Y. Liu, 2019. Fine-scale appendage structure of the Cambrian trilobitomorph Naraoia spinosa and its ontogenetic and ecological implications. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 286, 20192371.

· Zhai DY, Ortega-Hernández J, Wolfe JM, Hou XG, Cao CJ, Liu Y, 2019. Three-Dimensionally Preserved Appendages in an Early Cambrian Stem-Group Pancrustacean. Current Biology 29(1): 171-+.

· Zhai DY, Smith RJ, Peng P, Yu N, Ma SX, Li XZ, 2017. Cluster analyses of Ostracoda based on dimensions of body structures: implications for taxonomic classification. Crustaceana 90, 471–502.

· Zhai DY, Xiao JL, Fan JW, Wen RL, Pang QQ, 2015. Differential transport and preservation of the instars of Limnocythere inopinata (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in three large brackish lakes in northern China. Hydrobiologia 747, 1–18.

· Zhai DY, Zhao WH, 2014. On some Recent non-marine ostracods from northern China, with description of one new species. Crustaceana 87, 985–1026.

· Zhai DY, Xiao JL, Fan JW, Zhou L, Wen RL, Pang QQ, 2013. Spatial heterogeneity of the population age structure of the ostracode Limnocythere inopinata in Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia and its implications. Hydrobiologia 716, 29–46.

· Zhai DY, Xiao JL, 2013. On a new species of the genus Ilyocypris Brady & Norman 1889 from Hulun Lake, China. Naturalista siciliano, series IV, 37, 465–469.

· Zhai DY, Xiao JL, Zhou L, Wen RL, Chang ZG, Wang X, Jin XD, Pang QQ, Itoh S, 2011. Holocene East Asian monsoon variation inferred from species assemblage and shell chemistry of the ostracodes from Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia. Quaternary Research 75, 512–522.

· Zhai DY, Xiao JL, Zhou L, Wen RL, Pang QQ, 2010. Similar distribution pattern of different phenotypes of Limnocythere inopinata (Baird) in a brackish-water lake in Inner Mongolia. Hydrobiologia 651, 185–197.

· Liu, Y., Ortega-Hernández, J., Chen, H., Mai, H., Zhai, DY., Hou, XG, Computed tomography sheds new light on the affinities of the enigmatic euarthropod Jianshania furcatus from the early Cambrian Chengjiang biota. BMC Evol Biol 20, 62 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12862-020-01625-4.

· Liu, Y., Lerosey-Aubril, R., Audo, D., Zhai, D., Mai, H. & Ortega-Hernández, J., Occurrence of the eudemersal radiodont Cambrorasterin the early Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte and the diversity of hurdiid ecomorphotypes. Geological Magazine 2020, doi: 10.1017/S0016756820000187.

· Chen XH, Ortega-Hernández J*, Wolfe JM, Zhai DY, Hou XG, Chen AL, Mai HJ, Liu Y*, 2019. The appendicular morphology of Sinoburius lunaris and the evolution of the artiopodan clade Xandarellida (Euarthropoda, early Cambrian) from South China. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19, 165.

· Xiao JL, Zhang SR, Fan JW, Wen RL, Zhai DY, Tian ZP, Jiang DB, 2018. The 4.2 ka BP event: multi-proxy records from a closed lake in the northern margin of the East Asian summer monsoon. Climate of the Past 14, 1417–1425.

· Smith RJ, Zhai DY, Savatenalinton S, Kamiya T, Yu N, 2018. A review of rice field ostracods (Crustacea) with a checklist of species. Journal of Limnology 77, 1–16.

· Cong PY, Ma XY, Williams M, Siveter David J, Siveter Derek J, Gabbott SE, Zhai DY, Goral T, Edgecombe GD, Hou XG, 2017. Host-specific infestation in early Cambrian worms. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1, 1465–1469.

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Research Interests

1. Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of Cambrian bivalved arthropods

2. Taxonomy and ecology of Recent and fossil Ostracoda

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by: Maoyin Zhang
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